Failed to Update Headers

I run Exchange 2003 on a Enterprise Server 2003. We are running Outlook 
2003 at the office and some users use Outlook XP (2002) at home. When the 
client connects to his mailbox through IMAP, everything seems to work fine. 
However, periodically the user receives a pop-up message stating "Failed to 
Update Headers", and when expanding on the error pop-up, it reads IMAP 
error and lists the standard ports we use.

The message will sometimes pop-up every couple minutes, or sometimes every 
few hours, but regardless it is very annoying to the users, and it appears 
something is wrong somewhere.

This message occurs on both our internal network and through an external 
connection. The server is brand new, and very quick. I can't seem to find 
any information regarding this error anywhere, and I was hoping someone 
might have an answer!

mark993 (1)
6/9/2004 5:36:17 PM
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I am having a similar problem on Outlook XP/2002 SP3. I am connecting to several IMAP/SMTP accounts (as well as a couple POP/SMTP ones) through our corporate LAN, did not try from home. I also get "Failed to Update Headers" all the time, but I also get these two messages regularly as well:

"The UID of a message changed unexpectedly. This probably indicates a server bug. Your program may not function properly after this."

"Your server has reported a UID which does not comply with the IMAp standard. This typically indicates a server bug. Your program may not function properly after this."

Microsoft Office Update tells me "Your Office products do not need any updates", as I have already installed whatever it recommended.

Any suggestions how to overcome this?

seugene (1)
6/17/2004 7:07:01 AM

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