Exporting email/contact files to CD then importing to new computer

I am trying to locate .pst files on a computer using XP 
Home operating system so that I can move them to a new 
computer.  The files don't seem to exist.  What is the 
procedure for moving old email files and contact lists to 
my new computer?
ealvarez (1)
8/7/2003 6:42:10 PM
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>-----Original Message-----
>I am trying to locate .pst files on a computer using XP 
>Home operating system so that I can move them to a new 
>computer.  The files don't seem to exist.  What is the 
>procedure for moving old email files and contact lists to 
>my new computer?

The .pst files are hidden by default. In a window, you need
to go into the Tools menu to Folder Options. On the View
tab, make sure you check the radio button to Show hidden
files and folders. You may also have to uncheck the
checkbox that says Hide protected operating system files
(not sure about that though).

jkomar (2)
8/7/2003 6:56:49 PM

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