Erased Contacts

I was just working in Outlook 2000 under the tools, 
services tab and accidentally removed my personal folder 
that contained all my contacts and emails.  can this be 
retrieved if it hasn't been archived recently????

please help me im so screwed
reilly1 (1)
5/20/2004 2:12:02 AM
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It was probably just closed. You need to search your
computer for all .pst files (unless you know the name
of the pst).

Perform a FIND (click on desktop and press <F3>)
(If you are using XP or W2K operating system be
sure to look in hidden files)
Look for    *.pst

Take note of where they are located. Then using the
FILE menu, follow the path your wrote down in the
FIND operation and open the pst into Outlook.

Nikki Peterson [MVP - Outlook]

"Matt" <> wrote in message
I was just working in Outlook 2000 under the tools,
services tab and accidentally removed my personal folder
that contained all my contacts and emails.  can this be
retrieved if it hasn't been archived recently????

please help me im so screwed

5/20/2004 3:11:11 AM

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