Drag and Drop does not work

Hi all.

This is funny:
When I try to drag and drop a message from "Inbox" to "Backup" I get an 
error message.
When I right click and select "move to folder"- it does work.


NoEmail9920 (149)
5/28/2006 2:12:21 PM
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Not a single one.  No Outlook version = no clues.

Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook]

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After furious head scratching, Guy Cohen asked:

| Hi all.
| This is funny:
| When I try to drag and drop a message from "Inbox" to "Backup" I get
| an error message.
| When I right click and select "move to folder"- it does work.
| Guy 

MillyS (3228)
5/28/2006 6:40:25 PM
"Guy Cohen" <noemail@please.com> wrote in message 
> Hi all.
> This is funny:
> When I try to drag and drop a message from "Inbox" to "Backup" I get 
> an error message.
> When I right click and select "move to folder"- it does work.

So just WHERE is this "Backup" thingie that you don't describe actually 
located?  Is it perhaps a shortcut in the Outlook Bar?  If so, what 
happens when you delete it and recreate it?  It is a pointer to a folder 
but that pointer can get corrupted (by changing to a different message 
store, for example, so what it points to no longer exists).

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