Downloadable evaluation version of Outlook 2003

does anyone know if it possible to get a downloadable 

anonymous (74723)
11/13/2003 12:06:41 PM
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Sly wrote:
> does anyone know if it possible to get a downloadable
> version?
> Thanks.....Sly


bastet (136)
11/13/2003 1:32:29 PM
Not full Outlook, only Outlook Express is downloadable 
along with IE...

>-----Original Message-----
>does anyone know if it possible to get a downloadable 
anonymous (74723)
11/13/2003 3:13:51 PM

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Hello I have just noticed that users in the office, can open other users mailboxes in outlook 2003. How do i not allow that? The only way i have figured it out , is to go into active directory, and go into a users acct under Exchange advanced, mailbox rights, and add individual users then deny them acces to that users mailbox. There has to be an easier way. And why would they be able to open them in the first place? Thanks in advance On Mon, 6 Mar 2006 07:10:29 -0800, Exchange 2003 <> wrote: >Hello > >I have just noticed that users ...

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