DATE sort bar has disappeared from SENT box

I've inexplicably lost my DATE sort bar in my SENT box.  
Outlook 2002, XP Pro.

I've dug here and scratched there, but cannot uncover an 
answer as to why it's missing and how to get it back.  
Hit the website to engage in Office XP 
SP 1 and/or 2...I'm current, but alas, still no DATE sort 
bar in the SENT folder.

One little bar--so valuable--so easily mis-placed!

Thanks for any advice--

Timmo in AK
timmotron (1)
1/12/2004 11:13:24 PM
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Try right-clicking in the gray title bar, then select to 
customize your current view. Click on the "Fields" button 
to see the list of available fields, then add Sent to the 

>-----Original Message-----
>I've inexplicably lost my DATE sort bar in my SENT box.  
>Outlook 2002, XP Pro.
>I've dug here and scratched there, but cannot uncover an 
>answer as to why it's missing and how to get it back.  
>Hit the website to engage in Office XP 
>SP 1 and/or 2...I'm current, but alas, still no DATE sort 
>bar in the SENT folder.
>One little bar--so valuable--so easily mis-placed!
>Thanks for any advice--
>Timmo in AK
anonymous (74722)
1/15/2004 7:38:11 PM

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