Can't SEND SSL email out!! Please Help... it HURTZ!

OKay... being a bit silly about he hurting part.

I have a strange email issue with some of my computers at home that I
use for work.

We have 4 computers.  2 of them work FINE, the other 2 have issues.
I know the email accounts are working correctly because if I run them
on the 2 *good* computers they work like they should.


(GOOD Notebooks)
1 - HP AMD-XP notebook with WinXP-Home SP1, Office 2000  
2 - Sony P4 Notebook with WinXP-Home SP1, Office 2000

(Bad systems)
3 - Dell P3 notebook with WinXP-Pro SP1, Office 2002
4 - Compaq AMD-XP with WinXP-Home SP2, Office 2000

ALl machines have ZoneAlarm (firewall) and AVG AntiVirus.
I've tried shutting down ZA, with same results.

Since I use Unit #4, I'll spend most of my time on this one.

What's Happening: I am able to get INCOMING.  I am unable to perform

It's not quite an OUTLOOK thing, because I've also Tried Mozlla's
Thunderbird and Eudora which are also barfing. (Eudora worse so).

Here is what OUTLOOK SAYS:
Server Response: '250 HELP'. (account: '<name>', SMTP Server:
'<server name>', Error Number: 0x800ccc7d).

I've done a GOOGLE search, and what that error code means is that OL
is trying to get an SSL connection on an email server that doesn't
support SSL.   But the email server I need to contact *DOES* require
an SSL.  Turning off SSL of course means the server rejects the
connection.  Again, these settings on Units #1 & #2 work fine.

Here are my settings:
(Servers TAB)
POP & SMTP are correct
Account name & PW are correct.
   (   ) Log on using Secure Password Authentication

Outgoing Mail Server ---------------------
   ( X ) My server requires authentication

(Advanced TAB)
Server Port Numbers
Outgoing mail (SMTP):    [ 25    ]
 ( X ) This server requires a secure connection (SSL)

Incoming mail  (POP3)    [ 995   ]
 ( X ) This server requires a secure connection (SSL)

Nothing else is selected.

Now, if I use Mozilla. I get a differnet type of error message of
couse...  Here is what it says:

Sending of Message failed.

The message could not be sent because connecting to SMTP server
<server name> failed.  The server may be unavailble or is refusing
SMTP connections.  Please verify that your setting is correct and try
again, or  contact your network admin.

Now, I will admit that like anything else, there are millions of ways
to configure a computer and any one little thing can just screw 
everything up.

For more performance and MORE memory, *I* have disabled or set to
MANUAL some of Windows XP's services.  (I've shaved off 30~120mb of
memory just for booting up this way)

So, does anyone know what services could directly effect a proper SSL
connection with Windows XP?

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1/13/2005 6:17:51 PM
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