awkward message when replying email

I'm using windows xp with ms outlook xp as my primary 
email client.

When I replaying an email, the original message goes like 
this (1) but when I'm replying any email it become the 
number (2). Is there any setting went wrong? I'm in the 
need of solving this problem as I'm not the one who is 
wrinting the original message when I reply to any email.





1) Original replying email should be as below.

-------Original Message--------

From: Lee Cheng Poh [


2.) Awkward message as below.

-------Original Message-------- [] On Behalf Of Lee 
Cheng Poh

ngwaimun (2)
2/19/2004 3:24:06 AM
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Are you using the From field to select a different sending account on the
reply, perhaps?  If so, don't do it that way -- use the Accounts button on
the toolbar in a new mail message to select a different sending account.
The From field in Outlook is really only used within a Microsoft Exchange
Server environment, when one person has permissions to send mail on behalf
of someone else.

Jocelyn Fiorello
MVP - Outlook

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In news:12bd301c3f697$d4ed4540$a401280a@phx.gbl,
ng wrote:

> I'm using windows xp with ms outlook xp as my primary
> email client.
> When I replaying an email, the original message goes like
> this (1) but when I'm replying any email it become the
> number (2). Is there any setting went wrong? I'm in the
> need of solving this problem as I'm not the one who is
> wrinting the original message when I reply to any email.
> Thanks
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> ------------------------------------------
> 1) Original replying email should be as below.
> -------Original Message--------
> From: Lee Cheng Poh [
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> ----------------------------------------
> 2.) Awkward message as below.
> -------Original Message--------
> [] On Behalf Of Lee
> Cheng Poh

2/19/2004 4:11:48 AM

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