Auto configure outlook for exchange users

We use roaming profiles, along with outlook 2002 and 
exchange 2000.  Is there a way to auto configure outlook 
for the users, instead of having to do them all 

Many many thanks, I really need help with this.
tombell1 (1)
8/5/2003 3:53:54 PM
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There is a way to do it using GPO's and scripts.  But I 
use Scriptlogic logon scripts to configure the users 
profiles and settings for everything including Outlook.

>-----Original Message-----
>We use roaming profiles, along with outlook 2002 and 
>exchange 2000.  Is there a way to auto configure outlook 
>for the users, instead of having to do them all 
>Many many thanks, I really need help with this.
cibertek (1)
8/25/2003 1:18:34 PM

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