Archiving the Calendar

When archiving the calendar in Outlook I know it doesn't 
archive recurring appointments.  My archiving is set to 
clean out items older than 6 months.  I would think that 
this would populate my archive calendar back to April '03, 
instead there is nothing there back to May '03 and 
everything is there but my recurring appointments April 
back to January, then nothing again past December '02.

10/16/2003 4:49:49 PM
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Archiving works on the modified date.  Since recurring appointments will
have been opened or accessed after your set archive period, they will not be

You can test this by displaying your calendar in a table view (categories
works well for this) and add the Date Modified column.  Then sort by that
column and you will see what is eligible for archiving and what is not.

Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook]

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After searching and finding no answer
Mark <> asked:

| When archiving the calendar in Outlook I know it doesn't
| archive recurring appointments.  My archiving is set to
| clean out items older than 6 months.  I would think that
| this would populate my archive calendar back to April '03,
| instead there is nothing there back to May '03 and
| everything is there but my recurring appointments April
| back to January, then nothing again past December '02.
| Thoughts?

MillyS1 (1480)
10/17/2003 2:37:28 AM

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