Archiving in Outlook 2002 (XP) SP1

I have set the Auto-Archive setting in options to archive 
all folders according to the setting I have indicated. It 
appears to archive but when I check the folder no items 
are displayed. The items "modified date" are of age to be 
archived? I have also attempted to set the archive date 
directly onto the folder that I want to archive and this 
does nothing. Any help would be appreaciated.
anonymous (74721)
1/22/2004 5:32:54 PM
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>-----Original Message-----
>I have set the Auto-Archive setting in options to 
>all folders according to the setting I have indicated. 
>appears to archive but when I check the folder no items 
>are displayed. The items "modified date" are of age to 
>archived? I have also attempted to set the archive date 
>directly onto the folder that I want to archive and this 
>does nothing. Any help would be appreaciated.
>Mine just quit archiving. Files just disappeared from 
inbox and went to parts unknown.  I also tried to set 
individual folder and changed file location, etc.  
eventually I lost even the limited archived files that I 
had.    Let me know if you find a good source of 
information.   I can find nothing helpful
anonymous (74721)
1/22/2004 8:53:24 PM

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