Archived, but PST is empty???

Outlook 2000, Exchange 5.5....
I "archived" my e-mail to c:\my documents\myname.pst.
E-mail vanished from my in-box as expected.
The pst file is 5MB in size
BUT when I open that pst file, there is nothing in it.
I tried the repair tool and it found no errors.
If I drag another e-mail into that archive, it is there, but nothing else.
Nothing in the deleted items, either.

How can I get to those 5MB of e-mails that must be there??

elvis4497 (1)
4/16/2004 1:46:40 PM
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You might try some of the tips listed at to try to recover a damaged

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In news:OIyubk7IEHA.3240@TK2MSFTNGP12.phx.gbl,
Randy Hislop wrote:

> Outlook 2000, Exchange 5.5....
> I "archived" my e-mail to c:\my documents\myname.pst.
> E-mail vanished from my in-box as expected.
> The pst file is 5MB in size
> BUT when I open that pst file, there is nothing in it.
> I tried the repair tool and it found no errors.
> If I drag another e-mail into that archive, it is there, but nothing
> else. Nothing in the deleted items, either.
> How can I get to those 5MB of e-mails that must be there??
> Randy

4/18/2004 12:24:20 AM

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