ANN: HTTPMP - HTTP E-mail (Hotmail) MAPI Transport Release 1.2 Update

We have noticed most of our product users have problems with product configuration.
In order to assist out potential customers properly configure and use our product 
we have updated HTTPMP documentation
Also optional evaluation registration is avaiable
Registration information is not distributed in any way and used only to contact our 
customers by our support team. 
All customers provided valid registration information receive  discount coupon code by e-mail.

HTTPMP is MAPI transport service provider used to access HTTP mail service accounts
(commonly Hotmail). HTTPMP could be used with MAPI compatible client applications
(such as Microsoft Office Outlook) to send/receive Hotmail messages in much
the same way as POP3 transport.

Supported features
1. Sending/receiving messages
2. MIME encoded messages
3. HTML, RTF and text formatted message body
4. Messages with attachments
5. LAN and dial-up mail service account access and polling
6. Auto dial and auto hang-up
7. Account specific internet connection configuration.
8. Asynchronous internet operations (faster sending/receiving messages).

HTTP mail service account could be accessed in many ways: HTTP mail web interface,
Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Office XP Outlook. But there is some drawbacks
using this methods. Web interface seriously limits mail client functionality.
Outlooks Express is powerful mail client but convenient work requires some additional
features: advanced contacts information, notes, tasks, etc. Other serious drawback of
Outlook Express is absence of HTTP mail account messages filtering support. Office XP
Outlook eliminates most of other clients weaknesses. But both Outlook Express and Outlook XP
implement message store functionality model. This model is not convenient for message
filtering and offline work. And at least you don't need an additional investments in
Office XP if you already using Office 97 or Office 2000.


Latest information and downloads available at

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