Publish Forms in 2007

I have a custom form for contacts that I used in previous versions of 
outlook. I have the form saved as "name.oft". Is there a way that I can 
publish that form so I have access to it for all contacts in a given folder? 
Thank you. 

6/7/2010 1:28:41 PM
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Turn on the Developer tab, using the instructions given at . Once you do that, the Publish 
Form command will be available.

This newsgroup will be discontinued any day now. In the future, please use 
one of these forums for your Outlook forms questions:
Sue Mosher, Outlook MVP
   Author of Microsoft Outlook 2007 Programming:
     Jumpstart for Power Users and Administrators 

"Mike" wrote:

> I have a custom form for contacts that I used in previous versions of 
> outlook. I have the form saved as "name.oft". Is there a way that I can 
> publish that form so I have access to it for all contacts in a given folder? 
> Thank you. 
> .
6/7/2010 8:57:55 PM

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