Outlook 2007 - Changing "From" name on emails

When sending emails, I sometimes have to change the "From" name from myself 
to "ABC Coordinator".  Since getting Office 2007, when I do this, the name 
appears as "Betsy on behalf of ABC Coordinator"

I just want the "From" to read "ABC Coordinator" without my name at all.  
I'm sure it's just some setting that I am overlooking.  Any ideas would be 
greatly appreciated!
4/20/2010 2:49:02 PM
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Betsy wrote:

> When sending emails, I sometimes have to change the "From" name from myself 
> to "ABC Coordinator".  Since getting Office 2007, when I do this, the name 
> appears as "Betsy on behalf of ABC Coordinator"
> I just want the "From" to read "ABC Coordinator" without my name at all.  
> I'm sure it's just some setting that I am overlooking.  Any ideas would be 
> greatly appreciated!

It was always like this even when not displayed as such.  When you use the
From field to change to a different sender, you are STILL sending through
the same old account you had defined before in Outlook and are using now to
send your other-From'ed e-mail.  That Outlook might not have shown the "on
behalf of" string is irrelevant to what the recipient might see.  Just
because Outlook doesn't show it doesn't mean the recipient wouldn't see it.

When you change the From field, Outlook will insert the From header with
that value but it also inserts a Sender header that identifies whatever you
configured as your sending info in the e-mail account that you defined in
Outlook.  So the recipient will still see the Sender and From headers in the
received e-mail that they get from you.  As to how that information gets
displayed to them depends on how their particular e-mail client chooses to
present that information.

Changing the value of the From field in Outlook's UI merely changes the
value put into the From header in your sent e-mail.  The Sender header will
get added that shows the info from the e-mail account that you defined in
Outlook.  The recipient's e-mail client will see both From and Sender
headers and it will choose how to represent that info to the recipient.
Outlook was not designed to lie to the recipient as to who is the sender.

If you want multiple identities to present to your recipients then define
multiple e-mail accounts within Outlook for each identity; however, it is
likely that you only want one identity polling your one e-mail account so
enable Send and Receive in one e-mail account defined in Outlook and only
enable Send in the other e-mail account defined in Outlook.  Then when you
send your e-mails, you can use the Accounts toolbar button to decide which
e-mail account's identity you want to use at that time.  

Using multiple e-mail accounts defined within Outlook (to the same mailbox
but only one of them set to receive) to switch between identities is easier
than having to define multiple mail profiles where you can have e-mail
accounts defined within Outlook in each profile that connect to the same
mailbox (but, again, you'll probably only want one of them to receive from
the mailbox).  On each load of Outlook, you would have to select the mail
profile that you use during that session of Outlook.  To change mail
profiles requires exiting and reloading Outlook so you can select a
different mail profile.  Mail profiles are really to keep separate multiple
message stores (.pst files) and the e-mails and accounts defined for each
mail profile.  E-mails you receive in one mail profile will not be seen in
another mail profile, so this can be handy to keep separate your work and
personal e-mails.

To share your current mail profile:
- Define account #1 to poll your mailbox.  Use "Betsy" for your name.  
- Define account #2 to poll your same mailbox.  Use "ABC Coordinator" for 
  your name.
- Choose to make one of these accounts the default one for whatever name you 
  want to be known for the majority of your e-mails.
- Configure either account to send & receive e-mails.  Configure the other 
  to only send e-mails.
- When sending an e-mail, using the Accounts toolbar button to switch to the 
  other "identity".
4/20/2010 6:20:32 PM
"Betsy" <Betsy@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 

> When sending emails, I sometimes have to change the "From" name from myself
> to "ABC Coordinator".  Since getting Office 2007, when I do this, the name
> appears as "Betsy on behalf of ABC Coordinator"
> I just want the "From" to read "ABC Coordinator" without my name at all.
> I'm sure it's just some setting that I am overlooking.  Any ideas would be
> greatly appreciated!

Sounds like your AD entry was granted "Send on Behalf of" and not "Send As" 
Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook] 

4/20/2010 6:25:29 PM

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