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Is it possible to add attachments to an email sent using mail merge in Outlook?
12/14/2009 11:41:01 AM
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Not natively. You'd need third party software:

Russ Valentine
"Jane" <> wrote in message
> Is it possible to add attachments to an email sent using mail merge in 
> Outlook? 

12/14/2009 11:57:09 AM
No, that's not possible without a 3rd party add-in or some VBA scripting.
For details see;

Robert Sparnaaij [MVP-Outlook]
Coauthor, Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2003
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"Jane" <> wrote in message
> Is it possible to add attachments to an email sent using mail merge in 
> Outlook? 

12/14/2009 12:00:47 PM
Mail Merge Toolkit is an add-in for Microsoft Office helping to extend the 
mail merging capabilities. It allows you to attach one or more files to 

You can watch "Sending personalized messages with individual attachments" 
screencast for details.

Nick Kharchenko, MAPILab Ltd.
Software for Microsoft Exchange and Outlook

"Jane" wrote:

> Is it possible to add attachments to an email sent using mail merge in Outlook?
12/14/2009 1:41:01 PM

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