How do you make Inbox messages stay bold until opened?

While in the Inbox, new messages are bold.  Just by "passing" by them, the 
bolding is removed and it appears the messages have been read.  How do you 
make the message remain bold until the message is actually opened?
4/2/2010 2:55:01 PM
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Tools, options, other, Reading pane button - uncheck Mark as read when 
selection changes.

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Do you sync your mailbox with a smartphone or pda?

"Kelly" <> wrote in message
> While in the Inbox, new messages are bold.  Just by "passing" by them, the
> bolding is removed and it appears the messages have been read.  How do you
> make the message remain bold until the message is actually opened? 

4/2/2010 4:31:23 PM

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