Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese Conversion in Office 200.

I can't do any offline Tradition Chinese / Simplified Chinese Conversion in 
Office 2007 English version? Anyone can help?

3/28/2010 6:29:01 AM
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Q2hpbmVzZSBhbnRpcXVlCndvcmxkIGZpcnN0LCB0aGUgYW50aXF1ZSBjaGluYXdhcmUgc2VyaWVz IHBsZWFzZSB3YXRjaCEKRW50aXJlIGZpZGVsaXR5IDEwMCUgQW50aXF1ZSAoMTkxMi0xOTQ5KSBS ZXB1YmxpYyBvZiBDaGluYSBwb3JjZWxhaW4KdGVhcG90IDg4OCBjaGluYXdhcmVzIDQwMCBwbGVh c2Ugd2F0Y2hpbmchCldlYnNpdGUgaHR0cDovL3d3dy54ang1ODguY29tCkUtbWFpbCB4anhfNTg4 QHRvbS5jb20KQ2l0eSBTaGVuZ3pob3UgWmhlamlhbmcgQ2hpbmEKCsirx/LOqNK7oaK5xbattMnG 98+1wdDD8bn6tMmy6Lr4ODg4sNHH67nbyc2joQrIq8fyzqjSu6GiyKuxo9XmucW2rbTJxvfPtcHQ w/G5+rS/ytbWtLTJsui6+Dg4OLDRoaK0ycb3NDAwvP7H67nbyc2howq5xdLV0Pm5xbatytWy2Nau trwKzfjVvqO6aHR0cDovL3d3dy54ang1ODguY29tCrXn08qjunhqeF81ODhAd...

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