scorm compliancy features

Does anyone know if office 2007 includes any scorm compiant elements to 
create courses? we are operating Moodle at school and wandered if word, 
powerpoint could be used?
11/14/2009 12:51:01 AM
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"geoff" <> wrote in message
> Does anyone know if office 2007 includes any scorm compiant elements to
> create courses? we are operating Moodle at school and wandered if word,
> powerpoint could be used? 

11/14/2009 9:27:22 AM
In article <>, Geoff 
> Does anyone know if office 2007 includes any scorm compiant elements to 
> create courses? we are operating Moodle at school and wandered if word, 
> powerpoint could be used?

Look into Articulate ... pretty sure it can generate SCORM-compliant 
modules from PowerPoint.

11/14/2009 6:15:13 PM

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Does anyone know if office 2007 includes any scorm compiant elements to create courses? we are operating Moodle at school and wandered if word, powerpoint could be used? "geoff" <> wrote in message > Does anyone know if office 2007 includes any scorm compiant elements to > create courses? we are operating Moodle at school and wandered if word, > powerpoint could be used? In article <C7E99341-310D-445A-8BAD-B18E16523F39@...

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