transfer investment account from one .mny file to another


I am using Microsoft Money Plus Home & Business version  I 
use it to keep track of my personal finances in one .mny file, and I use it 
to keep track of business finances in another .mny file.  

In the .mny file for my business, I just created an Investment account and 
added about ten stocks to it.  I should have created this in my personal .mny 

Can anyone tell me if there is a way I can move this one investment account 
(and the stocks included in it) from my business .mny file to my personal 
..mny file?

Thanks in advance,

Paul Kraemer
9/23/2008 2:41:01 AM
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In, Paul Kraemer wrote:

>I am using Microsoft Money Plus Home & Business version  I 
>use it to keep track of my personal finances in one .mny file, and I use it 
>to keep track of business finances in another .mny file.  
>In the .mny file for my business, I just created an Investment account and 
>added about ten stocks to it.  I should have created this in my personal .mny 
>Can anyone tell me if there is a way I can move this one investment account 
>(and the stocks included in it) from my business .mny file to my personal 
>.mny file?

Yes. File->Export a Loose QIF file from both the
InvestmentTransactionsRegister and the CashTransactionsRegister.

To avoid transfers from turning into two separate transactions, it
is important to import the QIFs into the new file all at once.
This is done by selecting using Ctrl+<click> to highlight all of
the files you want included.  Further, before doing the import,
the QIF files containing the investment cash accounts
should be named something alphanumerically higher than the
investment transactions of the account.  So you could have
"Merrill" and "Merrill Cash", but you would not want "Merrill Inv"
and "Merrill Cash".  "_Merrill Inv" and "Merrill Cash" would be
good.  So one way around this is to export investment accounts to
files who's name starts with an underscore.

In the receiving file, File->Import->RecoveredAccounts. Import ALL
AT ONCE using Ctrl+<click> to select both files at the same time.
That should let transfers be recognized.

Remember to keep extra copies or backups of your file so that you
can undo something that does not work the way you wanted.
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9/23/2008 3:10:54 AM

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