Statement download problems

Ever since I have ran the GDI Plus scanner tool (I had 
already installed XP SP2) Money 03 will not download my 
statements properly.

I can save them to my computer, but previously I had been 
opening them when queried, and the updates were then 
automatically made to my file. But now nothing happens - 
including not getting the "your file has successfully 
been updated" message.

Can this be fixed? Is there some new security setting?

OR, can someone give me the instructions  for saving the 
download, and then getting Money to update my file from 

anonymous (74723)
10/6/2004 11:43:57 PM
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In, David E wrote:

>Ever since I have ran the GDI Plus scanner tool (I had 
>already installed XP SP2) Money 03 will not download my 
>statements properly.
>I can save them to my computer, but previously I had been 
>opening them when queried, and the updates were then 
>automatically made to my file. But now nothing happens - 
>including not getting the "your file has successfully 
>been updated" message.
>Can this be fixed? Is there some new security setting?
>OR, can someone give me the instructions  for saving the 
>download, and then getting Money to update my file from 

If you would like to see the ofx files money is using, hold down
the Cntl+Shift keys while pressing the Connect button.  That will
save the transaction info into two files.  YourBanknnnnnRQ.txt is
request info, and YourBanknnnnnRS.txt is the response file.

You could rename the YourBanknnnnnRS.txt file to *.ofx and
File->Import that.

via_newsgroup (13114)
10/15/2004 3:44:08 PM

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