Statement Date

I enter my transactions manually for some of my accounts, ie utility bills.

These transactions always have different payment dates, statement closing 
dates, service dates, etc..

Is there any way to enter the statement date on money 2007 deluze version  I would like to do this so that I know what month I have just 
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8/11/2007 2:16:00 AM
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In, OfficeNDN wrote:

>I enter my transactions manually for some of my accounts, ie utility bills.
>These transactions always have different payment dates, statement closing 
>dates, service dates, etc..
>Is there any way to enter the statement date on money 2007 deluze version 
>  I would like to do this so that I know what month I have just 

You could enter that date in the Memo field.
Ctrl+T in the register will toggle between multi-line and single
line mode. In multi-line mode you can see the Memo.

You can also see the memo on reports if you want.
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8/11/2007 3:05:20 AM

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