Royal Cruise Matrix Is Now In Pre-Launch, Ground Floor Opportunity!

A New Program has just Pre-Launched - Royal Cruise Matrix

This is Your Opportunity to Get In at the Beginning of Something that will 
be BIG!

Things you need to know -

- Why Royal Cruise Matrix will EXPLODE in Growth - and draw the masses
better than any other similar kind of program -
Affiliated with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

-> MAJOR Name Brand Affiliation = MAJOR Credibility
Lowest Price Point of all the "Board" Programs - Only $100
Highest Pay Out of all of the Board-System Programs - - - -
The ONLY 3-Board System - The 3rd Board Pays out $25,000.00

$10,000 Matching Bonus paid to the Sponsor!
No Sponsoring Requirements for the ENTIRE Program!

No one "Jumps" You - The Boards Do NOT Split -
Spillover alone can push you through all 3 boards ! ! !

FAST 2 by 3 Cycle - Beats Every Other System ! ! !


Also - Those joining between now and the end of this month are going to be 
locked in for life for a one-time $100.

- All others joining from Dec 1st on out will have to pay $100/year to stay 
in the program.

- I'm # 36 in the program - and for $100 you could keep your options open 
and lock in a very early number - before this EXPLODES.

If this makes good "business-sense" to you (as it did to me) - you'll want 
to lock in your position ASAP!

- >

This will be H-U-G-E

One-Time $100 Cost To Join - Perfect Price Point!

First Ever 3-Tier Board system - 25k payout - for just a one-time $100 - 

Here is my Join Link:

- Half-way down on the Right Side: Click on Join

NOTE: Your sponsor is: Nemiah Bynum

-> You do not need a Registration Code

- Pay With Online Check only - at this time

NOTE: Enter your correct routing number and account number - No Spaces!

Live and Recorded Calls

Royal Cruise Matrix LIVE
Conference Call Schedule
Monday 9:30pm
Tuesday 9:30pm
Wednesday 9:30pm
Thursday 9:30pm

All Times are EASTERN.

Conference Dial-in Number:               (712) 451-6175
Access Code: 803026#
24hr Conference Play Back
Playback Number:               (641) 715-3529
Access Code: 803026#

Nemiah Bynum

11/14/2009 4:16:08 AM
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