Re: Money 2004 - "Unable to load topic" error

Thanks for the suggestion.  I tried unregistering/re-registering the msxml3
DLL, but still no luck.  However, knowing the help file topics are local
might help with debugging this problem.


"Randy" <> wrote in message news:...
> All,
> I've recently upgraded to Money 2004 Premium from 2003 Deluxe.  I'm now
> finding that I can't view any help topics--I get the "Unable to load
> Click here to try again."  I've tried all the suggestions posted here and
> other sites:  cleared out temporary internet files, start Money with the
> "-s" option, uninstall/reinstall Money, update HTML help, clean the
> registry, et. al.  Nothing seems to work--I can see the help
> topics/subtopics, but when I click on a topic I get the error.
> Are these help topics locally installed or is Money trying to access them
> from the Internet?  The reason I ask is I have a new version of Norton
> Internet Security installed, but it said that it auto-configured itself
> Money.  But, maybe it needs to be tweaked a little.
> Any other ideas?  I'm running Win98 SE (4.10.2222 A) and IE 6.0 SP1.
> thanks,
> randy

nospam9607 (138)
8/13/2004 1:23:54 AM
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