Problem adding Stock to Portfolio

I am using MS Money 2004. I had several failed attemps to create a 
portfolio. I had attempted to add investments for IBM and Carnival Corp. I 
deleted the portfolio and attemped to recreate. Now when I try to add an 
stock investment it gives me the error;

'CCL' is already being used as a name or symbol for another investment. 
Please enter a different choice.

I do not have any other investments. How can I resolve this issue. 

Jcohl001 (1)
7/29/2005 1:13:27 PM
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When asked for the stock symbol use the drop down menu rather than trying to 
type it in again.

Bob Peel,
Microsoft MVP - Money

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"JerryC" <> wrote in message 
>I am using MS Money 2004. I had several failed attemps to create a 
>portfolio. I had attempted to add investments for IBM and Carnival Corp. I 
>deleted the portfolio and attemped to recreate. Now when I try to add an 
>stock investment it gives me the error;
> 'CCL' is already being used as a name or symbol for another investment. 
> Please enter a different choice.
> I do not have any other investments. How can I resolve this issue.

Bob_Peel4015 (409)
7/29/2005 1:27:37 PM

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