Pocket PC Money 2004 Foreign currency sync #2

Anyone have a clue how to do it?  It's a pain living in japan and not being 
able to update the account I use most on my PPC.  Especially since a lot of 
places in japan don't give receipts, or if they do, they are likley to be in 
japanese.  I don't read japanese and trying to sort things out at the end of 
the day is a pain, it's be much easier to just enter ther debit when I incur 

Serpent77 (4)
11/1/2004 7:59:02 PM
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The client only supports the home currency. A serious limitation.

Michael Gordon

"Serpent77" <Serpent77@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
> Anyone have a clue how to do it?  It's a pain living in japan and not 
> being
> able to update the account I use most on my PPC.  Especially since a lot 
> of
> places in japan don't give receipts, or if they do, they are likley to be 
> in
> japanese.  I don't read japanese and trying to sort things out at the end 
> of
> the day is a pain, it's be much easier to just enter ther debit when I 
> incur
> it.
> --Serp 

gordonm (1013)
11/1/2004 11:57:32 PM

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