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One last word to the wise: I post this once a week so some people might see
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different media types once a week. I also assure that these backups do not
replace other backups but supplement them in case a problem goes unnoticed
for several backup cycles. Occasionally, I also test these backups to make
sure they really are. I recommend you do the same as soon as you are done
reading this. "Do you have a good backup?" is a frequent first reply to
problems posted here. Don't leave yourself in a position where your only
answer is "no." It's a lot harder to help people when that is their answer.

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Help with Regexp, please
Hi, The regular expression (\d{15,16}) matches a substring in a cell. I want to extract the remaining part of the cell ie. from the character after the matched substring till the end of the string in the cell using a regular expression. Is it possible to do this? Thanks in advance for the help. Regards, Raj Raj, with abcd15,16xyz in a cell the code below abstracts abcxyz. Maybe you can use this as a basis to develop your code Function GetSubstring(S As String) As String Dim re As Object Set re = CreateObject("vbscript.regexp") re.Pattern = &quo...

fill series grayed out (not available, disactivated)
I have been wondering for some time why the fill series functionality is sometime not available. When you right-click on the fill handle and drag it to fill adjacent cells, the series option is grayed out in the menu and there is no way to get Excel to do anything other than copying cell values. I searched the Web and couldn't find an answer, so I decided to share my findings. I know for shure adding auto-filters to a spreadsheet deactivates the fill series functionality. If you are aware of any other reasons why it may be deactivated, please share it here. BTW, here is my worka...

I Have an emergency... I deleted a macro !!! I have 60 rows with checkboxes on cells A1 trough A60 that automatically as checked were inserting current dates on the cell next to it. for some reason a disaster happened and the macro was deleted or messed up. I tried searching for help in these groups, but none so far. I found one, but it is not a macro besides when I use that function all the other previous dates keep changing when other checkboxes are checked on in different days of the week. If you can please guide me to the right answer I will appreciated. Hope I made sense with my explana...

Sum Function Help Please
I have created two Option Groups, setting up values against the radio buttons. The output from both boxes works fine (thanks to the Wizard), however when I'm creating a formula on the report, I'm unable to add the two returned values together. If I type in =([Q1]+[Q2]) then I get both numbers concatenated together (ie returned value from Q1 is 1 and returned value from Q2 is 2, the answer I get is 12 !!!!.) Interestingly if I enter =([Q1]-[Q2]) then I get the correct answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated here. I could be wrong, but it seems like access i...

SEND TO AS FILE ATTACHMENT does not work unless Outlook is open (2nd post)
I have several computers that cannot use the SEND TO (AS FILE ATTACHMENT) function from within Excel unless they also have Outlook open. The users have a file open in Excel 2003 and they do NOT have Outlook open, they click on SEND TO (AS FILE ATTACHMENT) and they get the correct message window on the screen where they can type in the address of the person to send the message to. It will even connect to their Exchange profile and allow them to verify the recipient's name. When they click send though they get the following two errors: "The action could not be completed." Click...

2nd request for help -PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
went through a windows update and was asked to reboot which I did. I had Outlook open and closed it before rebooting - it was opened to contacts. when I tried to access Outlook I got an error message saying "your personal address book could not be opened. the file is either not accessible or not a personal address book. choose retry to access your personal address book, or choose cancel to not open your personal address book with this application." I have no other application to open this address book with! my contact info is detrumental to me as well as my Calendar ...

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How can I disable? ...

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OKay... being a bit silly about he hurting part. I have a strange email issue with some of my computers at home that I use for work. We have 4 computers. 2 of them work FINE, the other 2 have issues. I know the email accounts are working correctly because if I run them on the 2 *good* computers they work like they should. Configurations: (GOOD Notebooks) 1 - HP AMD-XP notebook with WinXP-Home SP1, Office 2000 2 - Sony P4 Notebook with WinXP-Home SP1, Office 2000 (Bad systems) 3 - Dell P3 notebook with WinXP-Pro SP1, Office 2002 4 - Compaq AMD-XP with WinXP-Home SP2, Office 2000 ALl ma...

I need help with SQL please
I have a form with a group box on it. The code for it is: 20 Select Case grpPlan.Value Case 1 30 strMon = "WorkRec" 40 Case 2 50 strMon = "IntRec" 60 Case 3 70 strMon = "FinalRec" 80 End Select After I select the one I want then the SQL is build based on the selection and a report is generated. strWhere = "EmpSuper.WorkRec=""" & strMon & _ """ or EmpSuper.IntRec=""" & strMon & _ &quo...

Please Please Please help
Hi I have a Worksheet with option buttons and I need the users to be able to click on the options but not be able to drag or move them. I don't want the users to be able to click into or type anything in any of the cells - only these options buttons???? How is it done. I have tried unlocking all cells and then locking the individual ones, but the user can still drag the option button around and they could do this by mistake thus upsetting the design of my sheet! I have tried protecting the sheet for Objects - but then I can't click on the option at all ....Please someone help...

print packing slip for a posted sales invoice
hello, how do I print a packing slip for a posted sales invoice. thanks, Scott Hello, You will not be able to print a picking ticket or packing slip from a posted sales invoice. This is only allowed when the transactions are in the work table. Thanks, Melissa This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. "Scott" wrote: > hello, > > how do I print a packing slip for a posted sales invoice. > > thanks, > Scott > ...

I've come across this problem with several users who have had no problems before. They can receive external email, but when sending external email, this message is returned: Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients. subject: test Sent: 11/30/2004 9:27 AM The following recipients could not be reached: '' on 11/30/2004 9:27AM No transport provider was available for delivery to this recipient. The email address is valid, and the user was able to send external email with no problems before this. There have been no changes to the network...

conditional formatting help please 07-19-07
Hello, I am having trouble using the conditional formatting. I want the background of the "End Date" to turn red when the "Start Date" is entered and then for the red background to go away after an "End Date" is entered. I used the expression ("Start Time" Is Not Null) and that made my background red but I can't seem to figure out how to get the red background go away. I tried a couple of diffrent expression like setting another condition ("End Time" Is Not Null) but it didn't work. Can some please help me find the right express...

modify macro
Hi everyone I'm VBA dumb so please bear with me. I have a macro that inserts a row at the selection and then I want it to copy the cell below the selection and paste into the new row's cell. Here's what's in the macro now Selection.EntireRow.Inser Range("D23").Selec Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("D22:D23"), Type:=xlFillCop Range("D22:D23").Selec When I run the macro, a row is inserted above the cursor's location (no matter where it's placed) but the AutoFill is always to D23. My question is how do I get the cod...

Previously using outlook with network as workgroup. Went to main office and joined domain.. got new persona. How do I import my mail from the other persona? I exported to a .pst and logged into the domain, I tried to import but it says I do not have permission to import. Any ideas? Make sure the PST file is located on a drive where you have read/write/modify/exclusive access rights. "Mike Gregg" <> wrote in message news:efmVNaWGHHA.4652@TK2MSFTNGP04.phx.gbl... > Previously using outlook with network as workgroup. > > Went to main off... post timeout
I am Java programmer who is forced to do something in .NET for the first and, also, the last time in my life. I have console application in which is retrieving data from Tomcat web server using GET method, and uploading some other data using POST method. I am using and it works fine. When I try to add basic authentication, GET still works fine, but POST takes very long to complete. I have checked Tomcat logs, and request is served swiftly, as normal, but application does not seem to be aware of that, as if it is waiting for some kind of acknowledg...

Cannot post
Msgs I post to this Ng do not appear on this NG. But it appears in the Sent Items folder. How can I correct the problem? TIA ...

sales being posted on wrong cays
i am having an issue with my sales being posted to a different ( previous days) sales. so far on in house accounts. also to a different register. i made the transactions myself and am bewildered. ( dazed and confused) eddie the fish ...

Post In Discussion Group
Body should include a full description of the issue and what you want to achieve as well as the version of the product you're using. This is a new post. Was it meant to be a reply? Makes no sense as is. -- Bruce Hagen MS-MVP [Mail] Imperial Beach, CA "John Smith" <John> wrote in message > Body should include a full description of the issue and what you want to > achieve as well as the version of the product you're using. > ...

SP4 change to Intermatch/Cost Variance Series Post
We have cases where we may receive parts before the vendor invoices us. System and process failures on their part are the cause for that situation. Therefore we routinely receive purchases in one month, go through a month end close, close the period in which the receipt was completed, and then perform the intermatch (subledger posting is OK) and GL Series posting in the current open month. This was possible until we recently applied GP 10 SP4 this past weekend. Cost variance for series post (GL Post) is not posting using the receipt date instead of the invoice date. We need to change i...

Simple formula
Hi, I'm a new to Excel so please excuse my ignorance in advance. I have data in Column C that I need to multiply with Column D. I know (for example) I can get a result by placing the formula: =sum(C3*D3) in cell E3. But, I have very long columns of data and I don't want to type in =sum(C4*D4)in cell E4, =sum(C5*D5) in cell E5 etc. My question is; can I use a wildcard for the column number and then just paste this formula in each E cell? Thanks On Fri, 22 Jul 2005 14:02:51 +0100, PigPOg <> wrote: >Hi, I'm a new to Excel so please excuse my ignoranc...

Where's my post? Censorship?
I posted something about Publisher and it's not on here... What kind of discussion group is it when you censor people with complaints or REAL questions... But you have advertizers scaming their products on here? Give me a break!!!!! I just wanted to know how to convert my Publisher file into something I can use like a JPG, GIFF or TIFF... Your post appeared with all of it's colorful language. There are even two or three responses although you might have received more help had you chosen your words a bit more carefully. Your grandmother wouldn't be too thrilled to know you tal...

OWA problem, Please help is really urgent.
The page cannot be found The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please try the following: a.. If you typed the page address in the Address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly. b.. Open the server home page, and then look for links to the information you want. c.. Click the back button to try another link. HTTP 404 - File not found Internet Information Services ---------------------------...

Help: Win2k3 SP1 Continually Breaks Exchange 2003 (This is crazy and long, but please please read)
I am in desperate need of help. I have been through 2 different support calls with Microsoft, and their fixes keep on breaking. Someone here must have some kind of experience with this. Here is the scenario (simplified the best I can): Domain A ( Domain B ( There is a 2-way trust between these domains. Exchange was installed in Domain B. In DomainA, I created a user account named "SuperAdministrator". SuperAdministrator is a member of ROOT\Adminisrators, ROOT\Domain Admins, ROOT\Enterprise Admins, ROOT\Schema Admins, and all the Exchange group...

email 08-16-10
Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Server Response: '-ERR syntax error', Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 0x800CCC90, Error Number: 0x800CCC91 please help Go to Tools, Accounts, select that mail account, Properties, Servers. Make sure that "Log on using Secure Password Authentication" is not enabled. If that setting was already unchecked, which antivirus are you running? Some of them cause problems with Windows Mail over time. Make sure your antivirus is not configured to scan emails. Ga...