New on-line services at institution but Money 2004 doesn't show th

Fairly recently my credit card issuer added online account download services. 
I have gone to the institution and used it to download a qif file.

But when I click on this institutions name in the list presented by on-line 
services manager it doesn't show any services. (The name is in the list.)  Is 
there a process where the list is updated with newly offered services?  If 
so, how long should it take for a new one to appear. Or is there someone I 
can notify with the name of the institution who can then add the service.


Harris S. Freeman
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Hfreeman (5)
3/9/2006 1:27:10 AM
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In, Hfreeman wrote:

>Fairly recently my credit card issuer added online account download services. 
>I have gone to the institution and used it to download a qif file.
>But when I click on this institutions name in the list presented by on-line 
>services manager it doesn't show any services. (The name is in the list.)  Is 
>there a process where the list is updated with newly offered services?  If 
>so, how long should it take for a new one to appear. Or is there someone I 
>can notify with the name of the institution who can then add the service.

Your credit card issuer could contact Microsoft. But for QIF
download from the website, that shouldn't be a problem anyway. You
can just specify that your institution is not on the list. 

You can tell Money about the URL so you can get there with Money
being used as the browser. However there is really no advantage to

Care to name the credit card issuer? Somebody might have some
specific knowledge.
via_newsgroup (13114)
3/9/2006 1:52:04 AM

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