Net Worth Error

In Money 2007, I get an error when I try to look at my net worth.

The error reads, "An error occurred, but Money is unable to retrieve and 
display details about what happend. (Resource = rcreport.  Error = 2109.)"

I ran the Standard File Repair but received a "No broken records in the 
original file." result.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.
Allard (1)
9/30/2006 1:27:04 PM
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I had a similar problem with the monthly reports.  Look at my post called 
"Troubleshooting method" that I wrote on 9/13/06, it might give you some 


Bill Wood

"T. J. Allard" <T. J.> wrote in message
> In Money 2007, I get an error when I try to look at my net worth.
> The error reads, "An error occurred, but Money is unable to retrieve and
> display details about what happend. (Resource = rcreport.  Error = 2109.)"
> I ran the Standard File Repair but received a "No broken records in the
> original file." result.
> Any suggestions?
> Thank you. 

9/30/2006 2:48:01 PM

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