Multiple Payments

One of the new feature of MSM 2006 was to be able to "check" the online 
payments that you needed to make and send them all at once.  I have found a 
couple of problems that I need assistance.
1.  When I check the payments that I need to make, the computer moves 
quickly for the first two.  Once I check the 3rd, 4th, etc. it stops and 
thinks and then moves on.
2.  When I have finally completed the checking of the payments that I need 
to make, I get this error

"Electronic transfers can't be submitted at the same time as other payments 
or transfers.  to submit an electronic transfer, go back to BILLS SUMMARY 
page, select the check box next to the transfer you want to submit, and then 
Once I click OK, it take the first of the series of payments and proceeds 
through the SAVE DRAFT OR PAY ONLINE screen, then takes you back to the BILL 
SUMMARY page.  All of the boxes are unchecked and you start over again.

This problem comes up whether I am making ONLINE TRANSFERS only, PAYMENTS TO 

Can you assist?

mlw (8)
12/1/2005 11:53:02 PM
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