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Hi everyone.

I've been using Microsoft Money for awhile, and I realized that there ar=
e  =

alot of things about money that I do not understand.
1. What's the difference between reconciliation and cleared? What's the =

use of the flags anyway?
2. How do I clear multiple transactions in one go?
3. If there are differences in my Microsoft Money savings bank account, =

how do I handle it? Do I create a new transaction with a new 'missing  =

money' category?
4. Is there a way to choose what column gets displayed in the Account  =

Register view? I'd like the Description column to be displayed as well  =

next to the Payment and Deposit columns.
5. I often split a transaction to multiple categories. Can I view the  =

splits in the account register list view?

I hope you could help a newbie out on this one. Thanks.

8/5/2004 5:31:16 PM
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See answers inline.

>-----Original Message-----
>Hi everyone.
>I've been using Microsoft Money for awhile, and I 
realized that there are  
>alot of things about money that I do not understand.
>1. What's the difference between reconciliation and 
cleared? What's the  
>use of the flags anyway?

Reconciled transactions are included in the 
Money "beginning balance" when you go to balance an 
account. Cleared transactions will be marked reconciled IF 
you complete balancing. Reconciled means the sum of all 
such transaction has matched an ending balance on a 
statement from the bank. Cleared means the bank knows 
about it but you haven't matched balances with it included 
on your side and the banks. The Register view pulldown 
lets you include or exclude the reconciled transactions.

>2. How do I clear multiple transactions in one go?

You don't. See

>3. If there are differences in my Microsoft Money savings 
bank account,  
>how do I handle it? Do I create a new transaction with a 
new 'missing  
>money' category?

If you use the "Balance this account" and there are 
differences you can't reconcile, Money will offer to enter 
an Account Adjustment transaction to make Money reconcile 
to the bank statement ending balance. You can categorize 
this or not as you choose.

>4. Is there a way to choose what column gets displayed in 
the Account  
>Register view? I'd like the Description column to be 
displayed as well  
>next to the Payment and Deposit columns.


>5. I often split a transaction to multiple categories. 
Can I view the  
>splits in the account register list view?

anonymous (74721)
8/5/2004 6:19:42 PM

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