Millions will BUY this if you offer it to them.....

Millions will BUY this if you OFFER it to them...

Wouldn't it be great if you could realistically offer a product to anyone in 
the world aged 16 or over with Internet access?... A product of a kind 
already purchased by countless millions every week. A product so simple to 
understand, it virtually sells itself.

And what if thousands - maybe hundreds of thousands - jumped at the chance 
to buy it from you?

That should keep your cash-flow streaming and your bank account brimming, 

Okay, so what's the product?

Well, lean in, because I want to disclose details of something that 
capitalises in a unique way on two of the richest, government-regulated 
national lottery games in the world: the UK Lotto and the pan-European 
EuroMillions lotteries.

Lotteries that pay out multi-millions in lump-sum, tax-free, cash prizes 
every single week of the year.

Specifically, the product we're talking about here is membership of an 
ingenious LOTTERY SYNDICATE SYSTEM for these two games.

A syndicate system that's professionally managed, perfectly lawful, and that 
anyone aged 16 or over from any nation on Earth can join.

Offline - and now, increasingly online - incalculable millions habitually 
buy tickets in their local, regional or national lottery every week. Some 
play more often than that. These people make up your warm target 
market.Every player, a prospective client for your business.

Frankly, it doesn't get any easier than this.

Start profiting now. Go to...

Here's how your clients benefit...
  a.. They increase their chances of scooping the jackpot in two of the 
world's richest national lotteries by as much as 3,600%.

  b.. They boost their odds of winning ANY cash prize to as much as an 
impressive 1 in 10.

  c.. They win more often and more money overall than they would have done 
had they entered the same lottery games and matched the same numbers (thanks 
to the ingenious multiple prize-winning feature of the system).

  d.. They receive their winnings in a lump sum, paid in full. No more 
drip-feeding over years before they get all their money.

  e.. Their lottery entries and results checking are done online, 
automatically - it's easy, convenient and completely secure. No more trek to 
the lottery ticket store, nor misplaced or lost tickets.

  f.. They receive their winnings via cheque or PayPal, so no more trudging 
back to the store to collect.

  g.. Best of all, they'll find membership is great value for money - and a 
whole lot of fun.
Start profiting now. Go to...

Looking to cement your business and get regular commissions flowing in month 
after month?

This, then, is the perfect opportunity...

You can make money two exciting ways...

  1.. Enrol people who want to massively increase their chances of winning, 
win more, and win more often, compared to playing independently.

  2.. Recruit other business-minded people who desire a fast-growing 
residual income.
Start your recurring commissions now. Go to...

Industry analysts Christiansen Capital Advisors forecast that $7.4 billion 
USD will be spent on global internet gambling this year. More than double 
that, $15.3 billion USD, by 2008.

Imagine getting a slice of that pie.

Plus, you're offering a product that has no direct competition. It's unique! 
No other company markets UK Lotto or EuroMillions syndicates.

Join today and...

  a.. Get a turnkey business system that's already proven to work very well.

  b.. Get set up online in minutes.

  c.. Avoid having to carry stock.

  d.. Avoid having to pack and ship physical products.

  e.. Avoid the hassle of payment admin

  f.. The company does all this for you.
Grab your global business today...

Roger Ingles
VWD Independent Member

PS: Want to just play the lotteries without running a business? You can do 
that, no problem. But if you then simply sell a handful of memberships to 
your family and friends, you get to play effectively for FREE.

10/8/2004 9:17:43 PM
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