Margin transactions not handled proprtly.

I have an online brokerage account which can accept 
transctions. The margin balance is reflected as a 
negative cash balance. When margin interest is downloaded 
to my Money account the interest appears as a negative 
number (which is correct) but it appears positive in the 
cash transactions. Not sure how to change this.

dflaherty (1)
9/26/2003 5:09:12 PM
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In, Dennis Flaherty wrote:

>I have an online brokerage account which can accept 
>transctions. The margin balance is reflected as a 
>negative cash balance. When margin interest is downloaded 
>to my Money account the interest appears as a negative 
>number (which is correct) but it appears positive in the 
>cash transactions. Not sure how to change this.

Do you mean in the QIF or OFX transaction it shows as negative but
enters into the cash transactions register in the Deposit column?

via_newsgroup (13114)
9/27/2003 4:30:48 AM

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