Is Version Updated after sp-1 is updated on Money 2007

After you get the automatic software downloaded is it necessary to click onto 
the sp-1 to install?
11/26/2006 3:00:01 AM
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No it is automatic. If I recall, after the SP1 is downloaded, you are 
prompted to close Money and restart it. After you restart Help > About 
should give you a version number ending in .1024.

Bob Peel,
Microsoft MVP - Money

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"Rebelleheart" <> wrote in message
> After you get the automatic software downloaded is it necessary to click 
> onto
> the sp-1 to install?
> -- 
> Deb 

bob_peel2056 (736)
11/26/2006 7:49:57 AM
You should see the version number (on help->about) have a number of 1024 - 
if you have this, then the software update should be installed.

Glyn Simpson, Microsoft MVP - Money

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"Rebelleheart" <> wrote in message
> After you get the automatic software downloaded is it necessary to click 
> onto
> the sp-1 to install?
> -- 
> Deb 

glyn1 (1534)
11/26/2006 10:50:58 AM

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