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One of our users is not able to view any data any public calendars. This just started a few days ago. He has owner permissions and I've removed and added him with not luck. It doesn't show any contacts. Any ideas? Exchange 2003. Outlook 2000. For testing, I created a profile with his account on my PC (Outlook 2003) it show blank also. Thanks he can see the folders, but not access any of the data in them? -- Susan Conkey [MVP] "Conley" <Conley@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message news:D35AC039-EFB2-4A88-8AD4-D7265514E2A2@microsoft.com... > One ...

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Hello: A GP 10.0 Mfg client is seeing, in purchasing reports, where an additional receipt of a quantity of "1" for an item is being received. This quantity is in addition to the quantity that the client ordered through purchasing. Is Manufacturing MRP generating this order for this additional quantity? The only other area of Manufacturing that I can think of where an additional quantity could be generated is in the Fixed Quantity field in Bill of Materials. But, that field is showing 0. Are there any other setups that I need to look at to determine where this 1 is coming ...

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You have probably not received an answers because no one will know exactly what it is that you want. For example do you want it to work out the number of hours worked, pay rates, overtime rates, calculate the tax due etc? The way that these newsgroups work is for you to decide what you want to do and then ask a specific question about how an individual problem can be solved so decide what layout you require and then you can ask individual questions. The following site contains hints and suggestions on how new posters can best post to receive answers. For example some people do not like t...

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Can I password protect Publisher documents like Word documents so others on network can't open? Read-only will not help as I do not want people to be able to print or resave to their folders the documents that I create. Thanks. No... -- Mary Sauer MSFT MVP http://office.microsoft.com/ http://msauer.mvps.org/ news://msnews.microsoft.com "Betty_K" <Betty_K@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message news:FFF1CF05-F97F-4CF1-A94C-F0E4982A3925@microsoft.com... > Can I password protect Publisher documents like Word documents so others on > network can't open? Re...

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Dear MS, I have a CRM 3.0 and can't search "Inactive Contacts" in contacts. The only way to search Inactive Contacts is through an Advance Find and it takes way too much time and hustle. I also suggest to add a button next to "More Actions" button or add a bar in the contact view within the account, this way we can just click a button to view associated inactive contacts. Do you know by any chance MS will consider this option in next version or add to the current 3.0 version? I am sure I am not the only one who is asking about this. This is very important for my...

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How come when I sometimes open Excel.. the columns are headed with numbers and not letters? How do I stop this from happening? Thanks "Jon" <jbauer@accxx.com> wrote in message news:0bab01c34d2b$c93f7ee0$a501280a@phx.gbl... > How come when I sometimes open Excel.. the columns are > headed with numbers and not letters? How do I stop this > from happening? > > Thanks Tools > Options > General tab, uncheck R1C1 reference style. IIRC this is a setting that is taken from the first file opened. So, anytime this happens, change the setting given by Anon,...

i want 2 add a word to the start of every colum in excel
i have imported some a spread sheet, and i want to edit it and export it. the problem is i want to add "alarms\" before the txt in a colmun there is about 300 rows in the column so it would take to long to type Hi Oliver one method is to use a helper column, insert a blank column to the right of your data (i'm assuming your data is in column A and the new column is therefore B) in B1 type ="alarms\"&A1 press enter move the cursor over the bottom right corner of B1 until you see a + and then double click, this will fill the formula down the column for you now s...

12.1.1 Edit-and-save custom dictionary confusion
I just followed the Word/Help directions for editing my custom dictionary. Below my signoff is what I copied from Word/Help on how to edit: But it's unclear which format to use for converting the custom dictionary and then exactly how to save. I tried a couple different options, including in Mac format for converting. I also tried command-S and save in .dic after deleting some words and after having it open a text file containing some words I wished to add. When I logged out and back in, it was either as if I had made no changes in several attempts to edit or, in my very last attempt, ...

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Just had a brief walk through of a monster .xls (about 50 megs) that caches about 500,000 lines of data and does various presentations of it. I couldn't find any way to actually see said data - but I'm taking somebody's word that it's there. Anybody have any idea how that might have been done? -- PeteCresswell It might be the beta of next excel version (Office 2007 for now but might be 2008 before it arrives) it has 1 million rows and about 16000 columns. Otherwise they need to portion out the data over multiple sheets -- Regards, Peo Sjoblom http://nwexcelsoluti...

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Hello everyone Just a quick question: I am trying to set up discounts in RMS... I would like to use the Mix and Match feature, but I need to do a percentage discount on the item as opposed to a fixed cost discount(last I tried RMS did not allow the % character in it's string value). I need to have items automatically get discounted as they are added to the line, so don't want to Shift-F3 if I can avoid it. Thanks. The only way to do this would to use a custom discout addon. Below is one of the ones that are available. http://www.newestech.com/POS/RMS/StoreOperations/Mix&M...

GP Security Report that lists edits made beyond most-recent
During a GPUG.com webinar discussing GP v10 security earlier today, a participant asked if there was a report that listed all modification dates and the user who made the modifications. For example, in SY09100 (Security Roles Master), there are two fields in this table, MDFUSRID & MODIFDT, which record the User ID and Date for the most-recent edits to a Security Role. The participant indicated that he was often asked by his auditors to show ALL edits by date and User ID over a period of time so that the edits could be investigated by the audit firm to comply with regulations (mos...

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Hi, I was just wondering if the activity roll up within an account includes activities created in custom entities which are related to that account? If not, any ideas on how to do this? Help please.... :( Activity rollup in V3.0 does not support rolling up from custom entities. Thanks for your suggestion. We will consider this feature for a future release. An Issue has been entered into our tracking data base. -- This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. You assume all risk for your use. © 2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserve...

we will made the payment after the work is fully done

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Calculating Difference Between Two Dates Using Only Year
I'm using Excel 2007. I'm trying to calculate the Age at Death when given the birth and death years. I tried using the =DATEDIF function, but 2007 doesn't seem to support it. Then I tried =YEAR(C3)-YEAR(D3), and you can see the results below. I think it's because I entered the years as text, but when I tried to format the columns for the date, I couldn't find a format that would let me list ONLY the year. I had to have a month and/or day too. I'm not an excel expert, so I'm probably missing something fundamental. Any help? Surname Given Nam...

Why user can use the last two passwords log on exchange server
The environment: Windows Server 2003 Enterprise with sp1 + Exchange Server 2003 Enterprise with sp1 If user change the password via iisadmpwd, and the user can access the mail via OWA or Outlook with the last two password. But if i enable the Form Authentication, user must type the lasted password to access the mail via OWA, but Outlook also can use the last tow passwords. The only reason the user would be able to use the last two passwords would be that there is a delay in replicating the password change. When a user changes a password (in any way, not just through OWA) the change is...

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I'm using a class derived from CRecordSet. I Open the record set and read in all the records recording their bookmarks. When something changes I use the bookmark to update the database. The problem I'm having is when I want to add a new record (AddNew followed by Update) and I go to get the bookmark (using GetBookmark) I get an "invalid cursor state". There is a good chance the dataset was at EOF before the AddNew. I tried preceeding the AddNew with a MoveFirst but that didn't change anything. Any idea how to deal with this problem? PS: Keep in mind that a Reque...

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Hi, I have a column in Excel XP with entries such as the two below: CCMAIL:Simpson, Bart at Manor-House%MS:NETWORK/EXCHANGE/BSIMPSON%SMTP:Bart.Simpson@springfield.nhs.uk%X400:c=GB;a=NHS;p=NHS A AND O HN;o=NHS HEALTHCARE TR;s=Simpson;g=Bart; SMTP:Lisa.Simpson@springfield.nhs.uk%X400:c=GB;a=NHS;p=NHS A AND O HN;o=NHS HEALTHCARE TR;s=Simpson;g=Lisa;%CCMAIL:Simpson, Lisa at Manor-House%MS:NETWORK/EXCHANGE/LSIMPSON What I need to do is filter these so only everything between <SMTP:> and the first <%> symbol after that is shown. For example, the above two need to become: SMTP:...