How to sort account list?

I'm using MS Money 2004 Small Business.  In the account list, my accounts 
are catagorized by and in this order:
- bank accounts
- credit accounts
- investment accounts
- loans and liabilities
- asset accounts

In the above view, I cannot easily determine totals for assets and 
liabilities.  The following view does this.

- bank accounts
- investment accounts
- asset accounts
-loans and liabilities

How do I get the above view?


no6688 (49)
1/8/2005 3:06:41 PM
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I don't use Small Business. But you can run a Net Worth report to get total
assets and liabilities in the Standard and Deluxe versions.

"Brett" <> wrote in message
> I'm using MS Money 2004 Small Business.  In the account list, my accounts
> are catagorized by and in this order:
> - bank accounts
> - credit accounts
> - investment accounts
> - loans and liabilities
> - asset accounts
> In the above view, I cannot easily determine totals for assets and
> liabilities.  The following view does this.
> - bank accounts
> - investment accounts
> - asset accounts
> -loans and liabilities
> How do I get the above view?
> Thanks,
> Brett

nospam7515 (2084)
1/9/2005 8:30:36 PM

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