Ending Cash Balance in Investment Transactions Register vs Cash Transactions #2

This subject is the same as a previous topic.  There didn't seem to be
a conclusion in the last discussion of this problem, so I decided to
address it once again for those who may still be suffering from this
issue.  Nonetheless, it's probably worth it for you to read the
previous discussion for additional background and context information.

In MS Money 2004, for whatever reason, some transactions are stored as
Opening Balance transactions and they're hidden from the user such that
the opening balance will always be greater than zero even when there
are no transactions visible in the account and the account opening
balance is set to $0.00 (in the account details page).  I never noticed
the problem until comparing the balances of the cash transactions
register and investment transactions register.  They weren't equal, and
this is a problem.  You may also have some of these hidden opening
balance transactions if the following ocurrs:  Go to the Cash
Transactions register of an investment account, and note the "Ending
Cash Balance" amount.  Next, click the "View: ..." link near the top of
the registry entries.  Change the view from "All Transactions" to
either "Unreconciled ..." or "Unaccepted ...."  Now, compare the
previous "Ending Cash Balance" amount to the current amount.  If the
amount has changed, your file maybe contaminated by this issue.

In general, the only way to get rid of the corruption is to delete the
account and create a new one to replace it.  Fortunately, you don't
have to lose all of your transaction entries.  At least, that was true
in my case.  Before continuing by my method, create a backup file, and
delete your account at your own risk.  First, I exported the investment
transactions to a quicken file (InvTrans.qif).  Then I exported the
cash transactions to a different quicken file (CashTrans.qif).  Next, I
opened the cash transactions file with Notepad.  This allowed me to see
the hidden Opening Balance transactions.
In my case, the file should have contained nothing more than the

POpening Balance

However, when I opened the file in Notepad, there were additional cash
transactions.  I simply deleted those, and saved the file.  In your
case, only 1 thing really needs to be changed.  Following: "D", replace
"9/26'2005" with the date you opened your account.  Next, check for
extraneous transactions.  Delete those until the file contains only
those cash transactions which are an accurate reflection of your bank
statements.  In the worst case scenario, you could always delete
everything except what you see above.  That way, you could be sure to
delete any unwanted transactions.  Save this file.

At this point, you may want to open the Investment Transactions .qif
file in Notepad to verify that your investment transactions are present
in the file.  If they're not, try to create the .qif export file again.

Once you've successfully created a backup to your money file and saved
an investment transactions file and a cash transactions file, you are
ready to delete your investment account.  You can delete it by right
clicking the account name on the Accounts List page and then left
clicking Delete.

Now, recreate the investment account by importing the Investment
Transactions .qif file created earlier.  Remember, to choose "As a new
recovered account" for this import.  Also, when given the option to
select which account to import the data, choose to create a new
account.  At that time, you can reselect the bank, account name, etc.
Once this import is complete, check the outcome by selecting the
Investment Transactions page of the newly created account.  All of your
transactions from the previous account should be there.

Next, import the cash transactions.  For this import, choose "As a
statement from my bank," and select the newly created investment
account when given the option.

The last thing to do is change the account details.  If you keep this
info up to date, you might want to take a look and make sure the data
is how you prefer.

.....That's what worked for me....Good luck.

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