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Folks: I have 2 spreadsheets. The first consists of 5 columns & 4000 rows of information. The 2nd consists of 1 column and about 10 rows. I am looking for an Excel command that would allow me to take each piece of data from spreadsheet #2 and perform some sort of LOOKUP in table #1 then bring back the other 4 columns of information. Thanks, JoJo You need to look into a VLOOKUP, be aware though that it will only look up one value, eg. if the first sheet contains the same item multiple times, only one will be returned on sheet 2, look into the VLOOKUP options and decide which you...

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Hi All, Running Outlook 2003. Have a strange thing going on. In the folderlist I have a datafile which I can not remove. I choose close personal folders and get an error that says an object could not be found. If I look at the datafiles registered with Outlook, there are none. The only place where this datafile shows up is in the delivery window (e-mail accounts - change e-mail accounts - deliver new e-mails to the following folder) How can I get rid of this folder ? Bernd <Bernd@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote: > Hi All, > > Running Outlook 2003. Have a strange thin...

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