Credit Card Charges and Expense Reports

I purchase pretty much everything on my credit card (for the miles) and pay 
it off every month. I use the categories within the credit card accounts to 
specify what the expense was for. But when I look at the expense report, it 
lumps all CC expenses into the CC category. I want to know what I'm spending 
my money on, not how it's being paid for. How do I split the items into their 
proper categories on the reports? 

Schu (1)
8/23/2008 11:06:01 PM
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So many questions, so little time.

What version/edition of Money?

If M05/6/7/+ are you using Advanced Register or Essential Register? Advanced 
Reports or Essential Reports?

Which Report? Have you tried customizing it? Which account are you looking 
at the report for?

How are these transactions you want to see reported getting in there?

Are the transactions getting in a Credit Card Account?

Are you looking at a report that reflects the Credit Card Account or that 
reflects the Cash Account (Checking, etc) that is paying the Credit Card 
Account Bills?

How do you pay the Credit Card Account in Money? A Transfer : [name of 
Credit Card Account]? A Credit Card Payment : Transfer : [name of Credit 
Card Account]? A Credit Card Payments / Transfers category entry?

"Mar Schu" <Mar> wrote in message
>I purchase pretty much everything on my credit card (for the miles) and pay
> it off every month. I use the categories within the credit card accounts 
> to
> specify what the expense was for. But when I look at the expense report, 
> it
> lumps all CC expenses into the CC category. I want to know what I'm 
> spending
> my money on, not how it's being paid for. How do I split the items into 
> their
> proper categories on the reports? 

8/24/2008 1:19:31 AM

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