Cannot connect to quotes server

All of a sudden, I'm unable to connect to the quotes server using my primary 
computer. My back-up, a laptop,connects fine.

My Internet connection is OK - I can browse with no problem. The 
connectivity problem exists only with MS Money. I've turned off the firewall. 

Using XP with SP2, MS Money 2007 Deluxe.

Any help would be most appreciated!


Dave M.

DaveM518 (75)
2/27/2007 1:53:13 AM
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A further indication of the problem: When I click "Go Online" in the info bar 
(between "File, Edit, Favorites..." and "Home, Banking..." lines), I 
immediately get the message, "Not able to go online." In addition, I am 
unable to uncheck "File/Workline."

Totally frustrating!


"Dave M." wrote:

> All of a sudden, I'm unable to connect to the quotes server using my primary 
> computer. My back-up, a laptop,connects fine.
> My Internet connection is OK - I can browse with no problem. The 
> connectivity problem exists only with MS Money. I've turned off the firewall. 
> Using XP with SP2, MS Money 2007 Deluxe.
> Any help would be most appreciated!
> Thanks.
> Dave M.
DaveM518 (75)
2/27/2007 4:36:10 AM

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