Budgets - Bills - Reports - Not all working Together

I have a recurring bill that appears in my budget in the correct category – 
with the monthly expense of $9.95 and M07 shows that it has budgeted $9.95 to 
pay for that bill.  When I look at that category in several reports, the 
reports show that I have $0 set aside for that category, and that I am 
overspent in that category by $9.95.

Can anyone help explain how/why budgets and bills seem to have a 
relationship, but this relationship does not carry over into the actual 

The Details:
I have typed in all of my bills into the bills section.  For simplicity, I 
will only talk about one bill, my Cell phone bill and I will treat this as 
the only item in the budget.

The cell phone bill is a monthly recurring bill due on the 10th of each 
month.  It clearly displays in the bills area.  I created a budget, and when 
I added the “cell phone” category into the budget – my bill payment appeared. 

This is what my budget looks like:

Bills:  Cell Phone
Monthly                 9.95
    Other expenses for “Bills: Cell phone”            Monthly                
Monthly                 9.95

The recurring bill automatically appears in the budget (which is correct).  
The subtotal appears as 9.95 (which is correct).  I did not put in any 
monthly amount for “Other expenses for ‘Bills: Cell phone’” – because if I 
did put in let’s say, $9.95, then the subtotal would then be $19.90.  I would 
basically be double-counting the bill payment.  My budget would then show (at 
the very bottom of the budget screen) that I had total monthly expenses of 
$19.95.  This would be double-counted, and I did not want that, so I changed 
the “Other expenses for ‘Bills: Cell phone’” to $0.00, so at the bottom of 
the budget under “Total Monthly Expenses”, it shows $9,95 as the total.  
Looks Good.

I then went to the reports section, and pulled up a report (I tried several) 
– that showed, my spending versus what I had budgeted.  These reports showed 
that I had errors because I had budgeted zero dollars for the category, but I 
had spent $9.95 in that category.  HUH?!  The budget shows that I have $9.95 
set aside for the “Bills: Cell phone” category, but in looking at several 
other reports – I have $0 set aside for the cell phone category and I am over 
spent by $9.95.

Can anyone help explain how/why budgets and bills seem to have a 
relationship, but this relationship does not carry over into the actual 

I am using the Advanced Budget.

JDaddy (1)
2/26/2007 10:50:08 AM
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