Bill not showing in summary

In Money 2006, a monthly bill wasn't showing in the Bill Summary when I knew 
it was the date.  I was surprised, but I entered it as a new monthly bill.  
Then on the home page, the payee showed twice.  After I paid it on the bill 
that was showing, the original bill shows on the home page as overdue but 
doesn't show on the summary.  Any help?  Thanks.
Andrew3569 (322)
11/8/2007 3:24:01 AM
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Andrew - I am having the same problem. I am using 06 Premium. Scheduled bill 
was not showing in the bill summary, so I re-created the bill. Now, the 
originally scheduled bill (which wasn't displaying in the summary) is being 
shown on the home page as Overdue. I cannot find any way to delete that 
overdue bill since it does not show up in the Summary.

I have run a Quick File Repair and it still appears. Any luck with getting 
yours fixed?

"Andrew" wrote:

> In Money 2006, a monthly bill wasn't showing in the Bill Summary when I knew 
> it was the date.  I was surprised, but I entered it as a new monthly bill.  
> Then on the home page, the payee showed twice.  After I paid it on the bill 
> that was showing, the original bill shows on the home page as overdue but 
> doesn't show on the summary.  Any help?  Thanks.
mark564 (750)
1/16/2008 8:59:01 PM
Andrew - I finally found a way around this problem. Go to Cash Flow and the 
bill should be showing as Overdue. Right click and select Delete. Then choose 
to delete all future occurences of the bill.

This should remove the bill completely and it will not show on the home page 
Summary as overdue anymore.

"Andrew" wrote:

> In Money 2006, a monthly bill wasn't showing in the Bill Summary when I knew 
> it was the date.  I was surprised, but I entered it as a new monthly bill.  
> Then on the home page, the payee showed twice.  After I paid it on the bill 
> that was showing, the original bill shows on the home page as overdue but 
> doesn't show on the summary.  Any help?  Thanks.
mark564 (750)
2/9/2008 7:36:04 PM

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