Best way to transfer investment port to new broker

I am switching brokers and I would like to know the best way to mirror this 
in Money.  I will be doing a total transfer - cash, stocks, everything - and 
would like to keep the purchase price, commissions, dividends, etc. 
associated with the new account from the old stocks.  I don't just want to 
have to "add shares" to the new account.  I was wondering what the best way 
to achieve this might be.  Does money have something built in that can 
handle this?  Thanks for your help in advance!

danorth (92)
12/31/2004 5:09:20 AM
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In, Dan wrote:

>I am switching brokers and I would like to know the best way to mirror this 
>in Money.  I will be doing a total transfer - cash, stocks, everything - and 
>would like to keep the purchase price, commissions, dividends, etc. 
>associated with the new account from the old stocks.  I don't just want to 
>have to "add shares" to the new account.  I was wondering what the best way 
>to achieve this might be.  Does money have something built in that can 
>handle this?  Thanks for your help in advance!

If the account you are transferring to is new, I would disable the
account for online access. Go to account details. Change the name.
Change the numbers. Make a comment about the event in the details.

Then set the account up for online access, if you like.

There is another way, but this way gives best continuity in my

While you are thinking about it, have you reviewed your backup
policy? USB flash drives are nice.

via_newsgroup (13114)
12/31/2004 6:02:52 AM

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