Archiving data

I already have an archived file from a few years ago. It 
it possible to create another archive that will just add 
to that original file? Or do I just have to create 
another one?

anonymous (74721)
12/12/2003 9:42:45 PM
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In, Brian wrote:

>I already have an archived file from a few years ago. It 
>it possible to create another archive that will just add 
>to that original file?


> Or do I just have to create 
>another one?

No. You don't really have to do that either. You *could* do neither.

via_newsgroup (13114)
12/12/2003 10:53:17 PM
>Subject: Archiving data
>From: "Brian" 
>Date: 12/12/03 4:42 PM Eastern Standard Time
>Message-id: <025301c3c0f8$e11b21e0$a401280a@phx.gbl>
>I already have an archived file from a few years ago. It 
>it possible to create another archive that will just add 
>to that original file? Or do I just have to create 
>another one?

Brian, Don't archive Money data. It just messes everything up. It will not
improve your speed. Just continue using back-up. Good luck. Steve
sjcohen730 (458)
12/14/2003 4:07:07 PM

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