Word 2007 embedded Chart data Fill or Autofill

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Is it possible, using Word 2007, to perform a Fill or an Autofill operation 
on an embedded (unlinked) chart? The chart was created earlier within Word. 
Initially, I was thinking about the newer style, where two adjacent cells are 
populated, selected, then the Fill handle is dragged to the last cell of the 
I created a macro in excel, of which I pasted a portion to my word chart. 
After modifying the Range (as I understand is different in Word), I found it 
did not work.
Below is what I have in my code. After looking through the Word Object 
Browser and using Help, I don't think it's possible
Even if this operation were not available I would like to know if the more 
simple Fill operation is possible.
Thanks for any help.
Reply Utf 2/19/2010 4:29:01 PM

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