How to scan form, fill out, delete the form, then print fill-ins?

I have 2 pre-printed forms to fill out.  I would like to scan these 2 forms 
into Word as a template.  Then I could fill in the blanks/check 
boxes/narrative and print.  The problem is that I need to delete the 
templates so I can print only my fill-ins on the 2 original pre-printed forms 
that are loaded into the printer.  
3/27/2010 4:18:04 AM
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Unless this is to be a repetitive task, the work involved for creating two 
forms is simply not worth the effort. Use a pen or a typerwriter.
If you insist on proceeding then scan the form as a graphic and insert it 
*full size* (ideally into the page header) and set its layout option to 
'behind text'. You can then build a form over the image using tables and 
form fields and print the document with the following macro

Sub PrintForm()
Dim sPrint As Boolean
sPrint = Options.PrintDrawingObjects
Options.PrintDrawingObjects = False
With ActiveDocument
    .PrintFormsData = True
End With
Options.PrintDrawingObjects = sPrint
End Sub

If you are very lucky the printout will match your original form.

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"DRPHG" <> wrote in message
>I have 2 pre-printed forms to fill out.  I would like to scan these 2 forms
> into Word as a template.  Then I could fill in the blanks/check
> boxes/narrative and print.  The problem is that I need to delete the
> templates so I can print only my fill-ins on the 2 original pre-printed 
> forms
> that are loaded into the printer. 

3/27/2010 6:16:24 AM

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