How do you append a PDF document to the end of an essay?

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Using Microsoft Word 2003
Reply Utf 3/31/2010 2:49:01 PM

How big is your PDF file? (How many pages?)

I'm interested to see what suggestions others come up with, because this is 
something I do quite frequently. The only solution I have found is to insert 
"snapshots" of each page of the PDF file into the Word document as images. 

To do this, open your PDF document and size it so you can see each entire 
page at a time. Use the Snapshot tool (Tools --> Select and Zoom --> Snapshot 
Tool, available even in the free Reader version) and then click to select the 
area you want to copy (i.e., one page of your PDF file). It will flash, at 
which point you know the image has been copied. Then go into your Word 
document, insert the cursor where you want the image, and paste. You can 
resize the image in Word so it takes up an entire page. Repeat this process 
for each page of your PDF file. 

Advantage to this method: you can ensure the PDF file is truly part of your 
document, meaning it can have consistent headers/footers/page numbering etc. 
with your document.

Disadvantages: time-consuming; not practical for documents of more than a 
handful of pages; makes for very large Word files.

I hope this helps somewhat - I'll be watching to see what other suggestions 
people have!

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> Using Microsoft Word 2003
Reply Utf 3/31/2010 4:25:01 PM

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