How do I edit the Current Multilevel List in Word 2007??

I'm so frustrated. I just want to change my numbering setup for the list 
style. I want to edit the Multilevel list under "Current List" which is the 
list numbering that I have assigned to my styles in my document. The document 
is a very large document originally created in Word 2003.  I'm a new Word 
2007 user. Please tell me how to edi t the numbering setup. YoOu know, like 
you can do in Word 2003 when you "Modify" your "Heading n" style, choose 
"Numbering" and then clicking "Customize" under the mutlilevel numbering box. 
You know, where you set the "Start At" and "Tab location" etc.

Help and thanks a lot for being here and reading this.

San Diego
12/16/2009 9:50:01 PM
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Put the cursor in the first level 1 heading in your document.  Click the
multilevel list button.  At the bottom of the gallery click define new
multilevel list.  The next dialog should look familiar.

Natelle wrote:
>I'm so frustrated. I just want to change my numbering setup for the list 
>style. I want to edit the Multilevel list under "Current List" which is the 
>list numbering that I have assigned to my styles in my document. The document 
>is a very large document originally created in Word 2003.  I'm a new Word 
>2007 user. Please tell me how to edi t the numbering setup. YoOu know, like 
>you can do in Word 2003 when you "Modify" your "Heading n" style, choose 
>"Numbering" and then clicking "Customize" under the mutlilevel numbering box. 
>You know, where you set the "Start At" and "Tab location" etc.
>Help and thanks a lot for being here and reading this.
>San Diego

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12/16/2009 10:38:12 PM

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