Out of office message

Does anyone know how to set/do an out of the office message for your email?  
Can you do this or not?  I have tried everything and can not get it.  Any 
help would be great.
8/25/2010 12:19:03 AM
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If you do this, you will have to leave your computer on 24/7, be connected 
to the Internet, and have your e-mail program open. If you want do this 
anyway, the link below will explain how to do it. One thing I would 
suggest is that where it says to create a rule and check For All Messages, 
you change it and make the rule for people in your address book only. 
Otherwise you will be replying to Spam as well and could end up in an 
endless loop of bounces.

Most ISPs/Mail Servers offer this service which would be a better choice.

How to Set Up a Vacation Auto-Response in Windows Mail, Outlook Express, 
or Windows Live Mail

Configuring Outlook & Outlook Express To Auto Respond to Incoming E-mail
           Bruce Hagen
         MS-MVP  [Mail]
      Imperial Beach, CA

"SF_221" <SF_221@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
> Does anyone know how to set/do an out of the office message for your 
> email?
> Can you do this or not?  I have tried everything and can not get it. 
> Any
> help would be great. 

8/25/2010 12:23:02 AM

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