How to delete inbox messages

How can delete many messages all at once? I dont see anymore the box i used 
before  to click many messages at once.Using Win 7.
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I'm not sure what box you are referring to, but......

To delete all:  Highlight one and Ctrl + A will highlight them all. - 

To delete a section: Highlight the first one you want to delete. Scroll 
down to the last one and click on it while holding the Shift key down. - 

To delete multiple messages that are interspersed: Hold down the Ctrl key 
while you click on each message to highlight. - Delete.
           Bruce Hagen
         MS-MVP [Mail]
      Imperial Beach, CA

"HiOctane" <> wrote in message
> How can delete many messages all at once? I dont see anymore the box i 
> used
> before  to click many messages at once.Using Win 7. 

12/24/2009 12:32:57 AM
You can hold the "ctrl" key while clicking on the mail items to select multiple emails. Press "delete" key (or right click on the selection to perform other tasks)
12/24/2009 12:34:49 AM
Inbox within an account ?
All Inbox Quick Views ?

  ms-mvp mail

"HiOctane" <> wrote in message
> How can delete many messages all at once? I dont see anymore the box i used 
> before  to click many messages at once.Using Win 7. 
12/24/2009 4:20:39 AM

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